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Quality Inspection is a dimensional inspection laboratory specializing in contract inspection services. We utilize 9 Coordinate Measuring Machines with both touch probe technology and video technology in order to give you accurate data quickly and efficiently. We are ISO 9001:2015 Registered and we are compliant with most all industry specifications including ISO 17025 and Boeing D6-51991. We have completed over 38,000 different customer jobs since 1993, and serve the medical, aerospace, plastics, and automotive industries as our core customers.


Dimensional Inspection





• First Article Inspection Reports • Statistical Process Control Reports • Solid Model / DPD Inspections
• Partial Inspections • Receiving Inspection Services• Mylar-based Inspections



Part Size and Weight

The largest part we can measure is 18 feet long by 62” wide, and 40” tall, and can weigh up to 2,500 lb. Features as small as 0.0001" can be checked on our video microscope CMMs. We have large truck access and forklift capabilities.

We can inspect parts using:

 •  ANSI Y14.5 Blueprints
 •  IGES/STEP/DXF/CATIA and other CAD file formats
 •  Mylars
 •  Existing Master Tooling
 •  ASCII Data files
 •  XYZ IJK vector data


All of our CMM machines are accurate to within ±0.0001" traceable to NIST. Actual machine resolution is up to 0.00001".



Quicker Turnaround

Your in-house inspectors are often interrupted and sometimes must wait for measuring machine access. Not so at Quality Inspection, with our 9 CMMs and large staff of technicians, we are able to meet the most demanding schedules.


Expert Capabilities

We often get the toughest jobs imaginable. Using our professional training, 24 years of experience, and the latest technology, we move swiftly through the trickiest parts. We can work with GD&T drawings, metric drawings, IGES files, XYZIJK vector data, ASCII data, as well as simple blueprints. We’ve seen tens of thousands of blueprints and pride ourselves at being experts in plastics, castings, forgings, machinings, tooling, small parts, large parts, clear parts, soft parts, gaskets, you name it.



I believe Quality Inspection has the highest standard of quality and the best turnaround in the industry, yet at a very competitive price. Our hourly service rate is $70/hr, and all jobs are quoted in advance. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like a free no-obligation quote.



Reverse Engineering





• Digitizing • 3-D Surface modeling • 2-D Blueprints • X-Y Charts



CMM Accuracy - We can digitize surfaces to better than ±0.001".

CAD Assisted - We selectively digitize parts and analyze the data in our CAD system so you get what you need.

Low Cost - Our prices are often under 25% of what our competitors charge.



Surface Models

• Complex surfaces can be turned into IGES surfaces or STEP files which are universally compatible with all CAD systems.

Wire Frames

• Your parts can be turned into highly accurate 2-D Blueprints.


• The simplest parts can be turned into highly accurate 2-D Blueprints.


• If you just need XYZ points, we can give you those as well.


All measuring equipment at Quality Inspection is traceable to NIST. All Coordinate Measuring Machines are calibrated by factory trained technicians, then we cross check our CMMs against each other to insure accuracy of the calibrations. We currently are operating 9 CMMs, with 2 more in reserve. The largest part we can measure is 18 feet long by 62” wide, and 40” tall. 5 of our CMM’s are capable of non-contact video measuring, and 8 are capable of contact measuring.

Mitutoyo AE-112 CMM
Touch Probe and Video Capabaility
Seen w/250x Video Inspection Probe Attached

Mitutoyo AE-122 CMM (two)
Touch Probe and Video Capability
Seen w/Renishaw Touch Probe Attached

Brown & Sharpe Global 15-22-10
Extra Large Touch and Scanning DCC CMM


Brown & Sharpe Global 12-15-10
Large Touch Technology DCC CMM


Mitutoyo BN 710H
Medium Touch Technology DCC CMM

Mitutoyo B-241
Medium Touch Technology CMM

Nikon VM-150 DCC
DCC Video Inspection System

Mitutoyo BRT-504
Small High-Speed DCC CMM



Quality Inspection was originally started in Lake Elsinore, California on Dec 1, 1993 by Patrick McSwain. Since then we have outgrown our old building and moved to our new 8,000 sqft laboratory in Norco, California, which is in the heart of Southern California.

We changed our original name of Reverse Engineering Services to Quality Inspection early on, to reflect the fact that over 95% of our work is Dimensional Inspection. We made the cover of CNC West magazine in Jan 98 because they had heard of us and our reputation.

Our lab is ISO 9001:2015 Registered, ISO 17025, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994, MIL-STD-45662a, MIL-I-45208a compliant. All of our equipment is traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). We have been surveyed and accepted by more than 400 different companies. We do work for JPL, NASA, DoD, ATK, Boeing, Edwards Lifesciences, SpaceX, Lockheed, Toyota Racing, Cobra Golf, Harley-Davidson, Hewlett-Packard, and more than 400 other companies in all industries.

As of 2017, Quality Inspection employs 8 people, of whom 7 have extensive training on Coordinate Measuring Machines with an average experience length of 16 years. We do not use subcontract labor or part-time employees.









Quality Inspection is located in a modern free-standing 8,000 square foot facility close to both the 15 Freeway and 91 Freeway in the center of Southern California. Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and San Bernardino Counties are all within a 1 hour driving radius. 4,000 square feet of our facility is temperature controlled 24 hours a day to maintain consistently accurate measurements. 4,000 square feet is warehouse area that allows the handling of parts up to 2,500 lb and up to 18 feet long.

Located At:

688 Parkridge Ave, Norco, CA, 92860

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